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Chicago tailgates

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When football season begins, Chicago tailgates become a staple in many parts of the city as people gather with their trucks to watch their favorite teams on giant televisions. Exclusive Event Experiences specializes in planning tailgate parties that will leave your guests impressed. We work to ensure you and your friends have great moments as you cheer on your teams among delicious dishes and cold drinks.

How do Exclusive Event Experiences plan Chicago tailgate parties?

Some of the critical aspects of any tailgate party include delicious foods and beverages. This may seem a bit obvious, but half the fun in Chicago tailgates involves indulging in hearty snacks, barbecues, and drinks. Exclusive Event Experiences will even provide a grill or smoker so that your guests can continue snacking non-stop. We will also have bartenders on site to serve your guests with their favorite drinks.

The staff at Exclusive Event Experiences work to ensure you do not run out of the good stuff. We understand that you and your guests have gathered to enjoy the glory of the game of football. Having good food and drinks won't be so bad either.

Let the games begin

With tailgate parties, you can never have enough games. Exclusive Event Experiences will ensure that your guests remain entertained with beer pong and bocce balls in between breaks from watching football. The essence of tailgate parties is to watch or participate in games. The games are just a way to maintain a healthy level of competition, which sports fans in your tailgate party will enjoy.

Exclusive Event Experiences will also provide a DJ to provide an awesome playlist for your party. A few fight songs and some house or electro tracks will get the crowd pumped up. What we offer is an experienced DJ who will play a mix of everything from chant songs to game day songs. Nothing is more exciting than when the DJ plays the crowds’ favorites with the game audio on. With a great playlist, you and your guests will always be on your feet even during commercial breaks and timeouts.

What are some of the must-have accessories for a tailgate party?

To have a memorable tailgate party, you must have a few essential accessories, and radio is not one of them. Although your standard TV at home might do, your guests will enjoy watching the game on one of our large outdoor LED units. Instead of making your guests listen to the match on your car stereo or a small TV up in a room, consider getting one of our outdoor LED units. With one of these beauties, your viewers will feel like they are on the field.

Throw a memorable tailgate party

Want to throw a memorable tailgate party? Contact Exclusive Event Experiences today. We have a reputation for planning awesome game day events in Chicago. With a fleet of modern LED displays, we can draw the crowds and help you create an impression at your next Chicago tailgates. Call us to discuss your party strategy.

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Chicago tailgates

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