New York City, New York
Raven Hall, Coney Island – Brooklyn, NY

Chevron, Millbrae, CA

Completed in March 2021, this project in coastal Northern California uses Flood Logs installed on five openings to a protection height of five feet, and... Read More

Morrison Yards, Charleston, SC

Flood Logs were installed to protect 168 openings at this new construction, ten-story, 380-unit luxury apartment building. Charleston is surrounded by water near the Atlantic... Read More

655 East Bay, Charleston, SC

National Flood Protection, Inc. installed Flood Logs on six openings at a protection height of six feet on this luxury apartment building in downtown Charleston.... Read More

Kayem Foods, Chelsea, MA

At Kayem Foods, National Flood Protection LLC installed Flood Logs on three openings with a protection height of four feet. Flood Doors were installed on two... Read More
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