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Rose Hills Memorial Park

Rose Hills Memorial Park

Whether you opt for cremation, or burial, choosing the final memorialization place for you or your loved one is a vital part of your final arrangements. Rose Hills Memorial Park is one of the biggest cemeteries in the United States that provide an assorted selection of elite, scenic cemetery. From waterfront locations to Feng Shui, Rose Hills Memorial Park can meet your needs and help leave an everlasting legacy for you or your loved ones.

However, choosing a memorial park is a job only half done; a headstone is also as important. Headstones offer the opportunity to create a memorial that echoes the special life of your loved one. American Headstones Company is one of the top headstone suppliers that know the ins and outs of Rose Hills Memorial Park and can offer the best headstone for your needs. Why choose us?

We Are Well Aware of Rose Hills Memorial Park Requirements

At American Headstones Company, we know all about Rose Hills Memorial Park rules and regulations because we have worked with them on so many occasions. So, we know all about the marker and memorial options allowed on your cemetery property. Moreover, we can accurately answer any question you may have, including the required documents and the delivery days.


Here at American Headstones Company, our business is family owned and operated. And we have been helping families in the Los Angeles and Orange Counties area since 1983. We have been active for decades now and been around the monument industry for most of our life. It has been our passion to help families of Angeles and Orange Counties, especially those that are grieving and trying to find the best way to memorialize their loved ones.

When starting the company, our objective is to offer the highest quality headstones, with the fasted delivery time, at the lowest price. And after several years, our objective remains the time, even with a significantly improved quality product.

Unique, Custom Designs

Supported by the most advanced headstone design software, we produce premium products. At American Headstones Company, we offer our customers the opportunity to be a part of the designing process, which usually takes less than two hours of sitting down with our headstone designer to create a unique headstone.


At American Headstones Company, we pride ourselves on the quality of craftsmanship and the skill to create a special headstone to the memory of your loved one. We are always available for consultation and ready to assist you in your selection. Our headstones are regarded as being among the best in the country, and we proudly stand behind all our products.


We offer quality headstones at a very competitive price. Here at American Headstones Company, our headstones prices remain very low while we allow you to select the best product for you. We are aware that funerals and other related expenses can be very expensive. So, we welcome the chance to help you choose the headstone that best meets your needs and budget.

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