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Flood Log™
A Modular Flood Barrier System Designed
to Withstand High Velocity Water Loads
and Heavy Impact Forces
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“No Worry”
Flood Protection
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Total Solutions
We perform as a one-stop shop for all your flood protection needs

Flood Protection Products

Flood Barriers

Our Company has been structured to perform as a one-stop-shop for all your protection requirements. No single barrier system suits all potential scenarios or site specific requirements. We carry a wide range of flood barriers and systems that are the best available on the market.

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Total Solutions Network

Total Solutions - flood protection expertise, custom flood barriers

Our Company offers a full range of flood protection services tailored to fit the client’s requirements: consultancy, custom product design and engineering, complete range of standard product supply, initial product installation, pre-event installation and flood emergency response plans.

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Flood Protection Experts

Flood Protection Experts - Flood Panel LLC

Our Company designs, sources, installs and maintains high-quality flood protection products on commercial construction projects. From design and specification assistance, to in-house project management, installation and service, we are committed to being your value-add partner.

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RISE:NYCFlood Panel, LLC is proud to announce our company is one of only 37 vendors to qualify for the federally funded RISE:NYC project. Of those 37 vendors, only two manufacture flood mitigation products; and Flood Panel, LLC is one of the two approved providers.
AIA Cornerstone PartnerTom Osborne, President of Flood Panel, LLC, is also an AIA approved continuing education provider.  During the AIA CES Discovery program held last July, Tom educated architects on how to properly Dry Flood Proof buildings and structures.

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We look forward to the opportunity to earn your business and to become a value-added partner on your design and construction team.

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Featured Projects

A sampling of commercial flood protection projects by Flood Panel



Flood Panel designs high-quality flood protection products for commercial construction projects. From design and specification assistance, to in-house project management, we are committed to being recognized as your value-add partner on your design and construction teams.


Excellence. Flood Panel was founded on the principles of high quality and excellent service. The company has over twenty years of engineering experience with its origins from Osborne Contracting & Consulting and Architecture Metals Ltd. Co. With offices in Jupiter, Florida, and a national network, we can cover the whole United States and Caribbean.


You Can Depend on Flood Panel™. Our team is focused on our mission… to provide unsurpassed service to architects, general contractors, building owners and developers from design conception through the life of their facilities. We want to insure your professional reputation and financial commitments.

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FEMA Technical Bulletin 3-93
Guidelines for protecting
non-residential structures
FEMA Technical Bulletin 3-93

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