Grand Bohemian Hotel, Charleston, SC

Grand Bohemian Hotel, Charleston, South Carolina
Grand Bohemian Hotel, Charleston, South Carolina
Grand Bohemian Hotel, Charleston, South Carolina
Grand Bohemian South Carolina Flood Log
Grand Bohemian South Carolina Flood Log

Project Info

Client Mashburn Construction
Products Flood Log, Flood Doors

Project Description

The Grand Bohemian Hotel Charleston is a 50-room luxury boutique hotel, located in Charleston’s Historic District. The 57,125 square foot property features an art gallery, wine blending and tasting room, specialty coffee shop, fitness room, and rooftop restaurant and terrace providing breathtaking views of historic downtown Charleston.

Located in the Atlantic Coastal region, the City of Charleston is prone to frequent flooding from the Atlantic Ocean and inland from rivers and their tributaries. The city is vulnerable to storm surge, as well as flooding from heavy rains and high tides.

The Grand Bohemian Hotel is situated in a floodzone at the corner of Meeting and Wentworth streets. For nonresidential structures in that zone, FEMA requires that buildings be elevated or that design measures be taken to floodproof the structure.

For the Grand Bohemian, the architect for building construction firm Mashburn Construction specified floodproofing solutions from Flood Panel LLC. Flood Panel Flood Log™ Flood Barriers and Flood Panel Doors were installed at every first-floor window and door opening.

The Flood Log flood Barrier is a modular system designed to withstand high velocity water loads and is highly resistant to heavy impacts. The mounts were permanently fixed  into the hotel structure for seamless design and ease of installation during a flood event. The Flood Panel Door operates like a normal pedestrian door, however it has been internally reinforced and ensures a leak-free seal when fully closed. Both solutions provide effective, zero-tolerance flood protection for the Grand Bohemian Hotel from flash floods, hurricanes and storm surge.

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Top Photo by: Benton/Henry Photography

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